Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample before you emboss my album?  Yes.  If you include your email or cell phone number that will accept text I will emboss what you want on white or black paper to make sure the spelling is correct and place it on your scrapbook so you can see the placement of the wording/graphic.   I will take a picture and send it to you so you can see a sample of what your cover/spine will look like.  You can change the position of the words or graphic however you want.  There is no extra charge for samples.  I also keep your order form on file for future reference.

What sizes and styles of print do you have to choose from? I offer 21 fonts all of them can be viewed in Fonts.  I also offer Graphic Letters which are 72 point high letters A-Z that are paired with the Goudy 36 point lowercase letters to form words.  Each graphic word is $10. The letters also look beautiful as a monogram at the top of a spine.

What different colors of foil do you have to choose from?  I have over 40 colors to choose from.  My philosophy is there are more than two colors in the world.  All the colors can be used on covers, spines or trophy plates.  Color choices are on the order form. Contact me if you would like a color sample sent to you.

What happens if a mistake is made?  If I make a mistake I will do my utmost to replace the cover/spine and redo the embossing for no additional charge.  If the mistake is the customer’s fault as misspelled words or wrong date then they will need to replace the album or spine.

What type of albums can be embossed?  Not all albums can be embossed and NOT all albums are created equal.  If there is any question I will contact you to get additional information.  It is my right to refuse to emboss an album, book, etc. if I don’t feel comfortable doing it or the item is not in good condition to take embossing.  The alternative to embossing is to have a trophy plate embossed and you can place it on the item.  Check out Trophy Plates to see colors and pricing.

How many letters or words will fit per line?  A line is 9” long.  The size of font chosen dictates how many words fit into 9”.  I have fonts from 18 point to 72 point.  This is one reason why I make a sample of what you are asking for so you can see what it will look like before I emboss it on the surface of the cover.

Does it cost more to have more than one color embossed? No.  If you want different colors embossed using a certain graphic or words there is no extra charge as long as I can do it.  The Disney Trio #1 graphic is a prime example…you can have the “mouse ears” black, “castle” silver glitter and the “hand” white.

How long does it take to get my order done?  If mailed to me it is usually a 2 week turn around.  You pay for the cost of mailing it back to you.