I started Embossing by Sandy in 2006.  My parents owned a bookstore in the 70’s.  My father would imprint names on bibles and hard covered books for customers.  He taught me how to imprint using a small Kingsley machine with gold leaf foil.  Little did I know that 36 years later I would have my own business imprinting/embossing photo albums.  I have personalized hundreds of scrapbook albums and have embossed thousands of lines/graphics.  Embossing/imprinting is a process that uses heat and pressure to create a permanent foil imprint on an item.  Being a scrapbooker myself, I wanted to know at a glance what my photo albums were instead of pulling each one out to check the inside cover to know what it contained.  Embossing is the perfect way to identify each album.  Embossing the spine and front cover not only identified what each album is but it also personalized it.  On the back of my albums I emboss the graphic “Made with Love by Mom” as an added embellishment to my album.

My Business:

When I began my business, I embossed almost exclusively on Creative Memories scrapbook albums.  Since then, so many other brands have been introduced to scrapbookers and many of you have asked “Do some albums emboss better than others?” The answer is “YES!” These are some brands that I have found emboss well:  Creative Memories, Close to My Heart, Dalee Military, Die Cuts with a View, the Paper Studio, K & Co. and We R Memory Keepers the cloth or dull vinyl. I have a list of albums and how the embossing imprints under Accepted Album Brands.  Some brands just don’t emboss well so for those I use a trophy plate.

Trophy plates are recommended for those album surfaces that are too textured (Creative Memories tapestry) or too slick (Sandylion Disney, S.E.I.) or the inside padding of the cover is uneven (Pioneer).  The trophy plates are made from Mylar or PVC and are thin, flexible and self-adhesive.  I offer 4 colors; brushed gold, brushed silver, gloss white, and matte black.  I cut the trophy plate to whatever size you want and my foil colors can be embossed on any of these trophy plates.

I have 21 fonts to choose from ranging from 18 point to 72 point.  I also have graphic letters that are 72 point high and are more ornate.  These can be used as a monogram at the top of a spine or paired with the Goudy 36 point lowercase letters to form words.  A line is 9” long.  The font you choose dictates how many words you can fit on a line.

I have over 300+ graphics to choose from, which can be viewed under Graphics.  I also offer the possibility of customizing a graphic for your specific embossing need…contact me to talk about it.

I have over 40 colors to choose from…my philosophy is that there are more than 2 colors in the world so you don’t have to stick with gold or silver.  Color choices are on the order form. Contact me if you would like a color sample sent to you.

My machine is a Kwikprint 86 which gives me the versatility of putting your embossing just about anywhere on a cover or spine depending on the brand of album.  Albums that are 3 ring bound are restricted so embossing can only be done from the center to the right side of the cover.  I can also emboss on iPad covers, tablets and bibles. I guarantee my work.  If I make a mistake I will replace your scrapbook and emboss it at no additional cost to you.  If your scrapbook cannot be replaced at the original value then I will offer you a refund of the original price of the scrapbook.  I want you to love and enjoy your personalized scrapbook and will work with you so that you are 100% satisfied with the final product.